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Lord Magrisにより編集済み: 5/6/2024 5:07:16 AM

Idea to Reintroduce Universal Remote Into Destiny 2

Gonna keep it plain and simple for this idea. Make Universal Remote behave like a normal pellet shotgun normally, but when you aim your shotgun at an enemy and maintain it on them for a short time, the shotgun spread tightens, the range is dramatically increased (where the normal shotgun max range is bypassed by a lot) and the precision damage is increased. Make it trigger like DARCI's Personal Assistant trait, but maybe make it take like 1 second or something to trigger the change. And if you lose the target, the change is lost. EDIT: I clearly need to mention this as I forgot that it was originally a primary ammo weapon in Destiny 1 technically. It would be a special ammo weapon in this case.



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