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Looking for Sherpas & Like Minded guardians

Hi all, I've been a part of some large Sherpa clans, and they've not proven to be the most effective. If you're like me and have played Solo for a large chunk of your Destiny "career" then it is easy to get overseen or lost in the ranks. So I've decided to try and build a community of Sherpas and Learners who's goals align - preparing for the final shape! Nothing too big - Not looking for thousands of members. Just enough to help each other out and get some end-game content done on a daily/weekly basis. If you're an experienced guardian, with raid and/or dungeon experience and you feel confident enough to teach others then we could have a place for you on our Sherpa team. Be part of something new and help build a community which aligns with your own goals. Likewise, if you are less experienced with raids and dungeons or just need help with that end game content or exotic/legendary mission, we definitely have a place for you and would love to have you on board. This is a brand new clan, so we're starting small but hoping to fill the numbers pretty quickly with your help. I have also setup a great discord all built and ready to go with event scheduling, LFG, custom roles and more. Come help us turn this into something great and help us plan for OUR FINAL SHAPE! Sherpa and Leadership roles are available - Drop me a message if you're interested. To check out our discord, please visit us at Membership to the clan is NOT a requirement - If you'd prefer to just come and hang out in the discord and teach/learn content then you are most welcome. Although, membership to the clan would be preferred so we can all enjoy those clan specific achievements you get from raiding together etc.. To join the discord, please visit To check out our bungie clan page please visit If you're interested in joining but you just want to know more - feel free to drop me a message or pop into discord for a chat.



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