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2/25/2024 1:22:16 AM

Stasis Exotic weapons (so far)

Hi, I’m a big fan of destiny a lot of people don’t understand it and say the game is hard but when I play I explain it so they understand but that’s not the problem here I bought Beyond Light beat the campaign did an exotic quest for the Salvations Grip. After I beat it I wanted to try it out, when I did stasis crystals didn’t show up when I shoot at anything instead the after effect of when the crystal shatters shows up so I never used it which is a bummer because that’s what I did the quest for anyways later on I found out there’s another stasis exotic that shoots crystals but this time I have to kill before hold x to change to the stasis mode called the Cryosthesia 77k but after getting this weapon again I found out that stasis isn’t working and on top of that on the stasis mode it doesn’t shoot at all instead it makes a clicking sound so i need help because I’ve tried reinstalling the game trying other consoles and pc’s and even using Nvidia Geforce Now



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