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Kirito144により編集済み: 2/17/2024 5:30:02 AM

Cannot play the witches queen even though the DLC was free from epic

Heyo guys, I am abosulty annoyed. I was doing some of the witch qeen crap when I was in the menu while I was getting into a stage because I passed that part with the crystals. Then it set I was disconnected from the servers. I reloaded the game and then it say "You are unable to launch this selected quest at this time. On December 14 2023 you epic had The Withch Qween, Beyond Light, and shadowkeep included with the game so I claimed it. So why can I not play this part of the game any more? I have reverified the files and have only been playing this game again in epic. Proof that I have it: [url][/url]
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