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2/15/2024 11:00:51 PM

Help With Disabling Cross Save

My characters are linked to my PlayStation account, but so I could play away from home, I tried to link my Steam account through cross save. I ended up having to link a placeholder steam account because I botched the process. There is nothing currently wrong with this setup, but I wanted to change from the placeholder to my main account to -blam!- my accounts. I am trying to disable Cross Save so I can link my active Steam account, but I was unaware that purchasing silver would cause me to be locked out for 90 days. I have 54 days left on my lock out, but I was wondering if any staff were able to help me bypass the lock out so I can have my active Steam account linked before the release of Final Shape. I've seen other forum posts where this was the case, but if it can no longer be done, that is fine. I'll just wait it out.



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