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lividgrubにより編集済み: 2/14/2024 1:42:34 AM

Can you remove the seasonal challenge fleeting glory impossible to complete

As stated in the title there are just too few people playing comp to even complete this over the past 3 weeks I have spent at least 5 hours trying to get into a single match of comp (all times were on the day of the weekly reset when people play the most) I would only ever find 1-2 people and would get error code mongoosed over 40 times as it could not find a single match, the issue seems to come down to location, I have buddies in the US whom find matches in 5-10 minutes, whereas in Australia there simply is no one playing comp meaning you cannot find a match period, either combine the player pools allowing people to match each other from across the world (im aware this would increase lag) but it would be better than never finding a match, alternatively just remove or change the seasonal challenge.



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