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BLACKOUT - Come join our pantheon of ACTIVE PLAYERS, forge your Destiny, and become DIVINITY!

(18+ ONLY) (DAILY ACTIVE PLAYERS!) (NEW PLAYERS WELCOME!) EVENTS THIS WEEK: - Vault of Glass sherpa - Timelost Fatebringer farm - VEX MYTHOCLAST exotic farm - Shattered Realms PvP event ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅─────────────⋙ ⋘Embrace Your Destiny in the Halls of Blackout⋙ ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅─────────────⋙ Greetings, intrepid souls and valiant warriors of the cosmos! We, the sacred order of Blackout, extend an invitation to you — a call to ascend beyond mere mortality and join our divine pantheon. Within our enigmatic fold, you are not just another guardian; you are destined for divinity. Do you want a clan with an ACTIVE playerbase for all activities? Do you want WEEKLY RAIDS, weekly Sherpas, and weekly checkpoint raid farming to get that raid exotic you’ve always wanted? Do you want to do endgame content with chill and knowledgeable deities? If so, Blackout is the place for you! ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅────────────⋙ ⋘─────Forge Your Legend with Us──────⋙ ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅────────────⋙ Blackout is more than a clan; it's a celestial assembly where legends are born, and myths are made. As a burgeoning community, we seek to expand our cosmic ranks with guardians who possess a heart for adventure and a spirit for the extraordinary. ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅────────────⋙ ⋘── What Awaits You in Our Divine Realm:─⋙ ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅────────────⋙ - PvP Conquests: Test your mettle in fierce player-versus-player battles, where glory is earned, and legends are forged. (All Crucible/PvP activities) - PvE Ventures: Traverse the vast expanses of the universe, facing down formidable foes and unraveling mysteries. (All PvE activities and difficulties/Strikes/NFs/GMs/Story/Exotic Missions) - Raid Expeditions: Join our raiding crusades, where strategy and valor meet. Whether you're an experienced raider or seeking guidance, our pantheon can help forge your legends! (Weekly Raids/Checkpoint & Exotic Farming/Sherpas) - Dungeon Delving: Team up for treacherous dungeon runs, where teamwork and cunning are key. (All difficulties/encounter farms) ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅────────────⋙ ⋘─────Ascend to Divinity with Us──────⋙ ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅────────────⋙ In Blackout, every member is a deity in their own right, wielding unique powers and contributing to our collective legend. Your journey with us is not just about gaming; it's about rising to your divine potential, where every victory is a celestial feat, and every challenge, a mythic saga. ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅────────────⋙ ⋘─Join Blackout: Where Legends Ascend──⋙ ⋘────────────⋅☾✶☽⋅────────────⋙ Ready to transcend your limits and embrace your divinity? Join Blackout today and carve your name in the stars! To join our pantheon, reply to this post, join our Discord, or find us in the ethereal realms of Destiny 2 through the following links! In the symphony of destruction, we are the crescendo that never ends. (18+ ONLY)



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