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All Light Fades Away (ALFA) Recruiting – Sherpas and new members

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We are a small chill group of misfits looking for more friends to enjoy the game with regardless if its new light or endgame content. Our goals are not only to be a clan, but to be close friends who come together to have fun, talk smack and help each other out in all activities of the game. Were a clan of chill like-minded people striving for members feel welcome, respected, treated decent and not be stressed on stats or clears but to have fun and be able to ask for help anytime they need it. Our mission here is that all of our members are treated fair, taken care of and that everyone has fun. If this sounds appealing to you come help us build the community where we all matter and not left behind. We are more of a PvE focused clan and try raiding at least twice a week no experience required. As far as dungeons go usually ask and you can find a couple to run you through it and teach along the way. We are looking for anyone who is mature active and willing to play together. If you not going to talk, interact or get along the rest of the members this is probably not the best fit for you. We also are looking for more experienced sherpas and discord moderators. Discord Link -



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