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1/23/2024 1:52:33 AM

We are Viciously Recruiting!! (Everyone Welcome!)

[b]Vicious Rabbit is currently recruiting to add to our collective for fun Destiny 2 activities! [/b] Our clan’s core values is to [b]win together, passionate about helping others, being kind, and better than yesterday[/b]. 💪 We do Raids, Comps, GM’s, and all in between. Join or set-up a fireteam for which ever activities you like in the Clan - D2 Companion App! Every week, Raid fireteams will be made with each Tuesday designated on the weekly rotation. [u]Vicious Rabbit also does fun clan events like Giveaway Sweepstakes. [/u] Winners can win cool emblems or ships! [b]We are currently running one now!! [/b]🎟️ We have been in business for over 6years and have all staves since day one. ⛳️ We communicate Clan updates, Fireteams, and Raids via the Clan Chat of Destiny 2 Companion App. Discord is available, but not our primary use of communication. More on Xbox and Steam/Windows users in clan; using Game Bar. [b]Come and join us! [/b]🤗🐰 [url][/url]



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