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12/22/2023 8:22:37 PM

Positive "Report Player" Feature

Hey, I had some guys yesterday help me get Vex Mythoclast, and I was thinking it would be nice to have a way to give them some good *something* for having helped me out, for having been patient, and overall seeming like pretty nice guys. When we play against other people, we have the ability to "Report Players," in case the player is cheating, or is an all-caps, toxic maniac. It is good that we can submit feedback to Bungie to let Bungie know that there is someone dragging the culture or experience of the game down. However, I think it could be a thing that builds positive culture to reward good behavior instead of only punishing bad behavior. If there were a way that I could get in and do "Report Player" for positive things, like they were patient, or friendly, or helpful, or something, I would use a tool like that. I know that we have the relatively new "Commendation" system, but it doesn't seem like the commendation system carries the same weight. If there were ways that players could get rewarded for good behavior, especially good behavior towards people not on a person's friends list, or in a person's clan, instead of only getting punished for negative behavior, like getting banned or muted, it might inspire people to act civilly, and upliftingly to each other, instead of not. Maybe some people would behave well, even to the point of being a positive in the community rather than just "not negative," chasing a reward instead of avoiding a punishment. After so many good reports, maybe Harmonic Resonance things, or a memento, or shader or something, could be a good reward--things that wouldn't terribly upset the economy, but would be worth grinding for. Maybe the players could be rewarded with a "shader token," which lets the player choose any shader they want from a list, or something. Something like a "shader token" could be given out a little more freely, but a shader that could only be given out for good behavior might be something worth "grinding" good behavior for.



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