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Lord Magrisにより編集済み: 9/26/2023 8:35:36 AM

An Exotic Idea to Pass the Time (Arc Sword)

I haven't done one of these since before I quit the game back during Season of the Seraph, which the reason was due to the game instability, to no one's surprise. This one I realize is kind of similar to a post I made in the past for a Warlock ability idea (granted by exotic gauntlets) that was like a charge-up melee that pushed enemies in front of you away and stunned Unstoppable Champions. Kind of like a force push. Old idea. But this idea is for an Arc exotic SWORD that has a chargeable heavy attack when holding down the button. Without charging the heavy attack, it just launches a short-range Arc slash wave to where you aim with a miniature blast hitbox on contact with the environment or enemies (optionally, it jolts targets directly hit by the slash wave, but I probably wouldn't do that with this version). If you charge the heavy attack a little bit, then it hits a little harder. But if you fully charge the heavy attack, when you release it and at the cost of more ammo, it launches a slightly bigger and stronger Arc slash wave that travels a little bit farther, jolts enemies on direct hits, and when it collides with the environment, an enemy, or its lifetime expires, it explodes into a big Arc blast like a rocket explosion. Dealing damage with this Arc slash wave or its explosion stuns Unstoppable Champions and makes the user Amplified (don't know if an Arc Subclass should be equipped for Amplified to be triggered here in this case or not). Can't think of a name or any other details about the idea at this time. Don't even know how the sword energy would work with this, but I do know that exceptions can be made involving sword functionality. The reason why I specified short-range slash waves was because I didn't want to challenge Black Talon's exotic identity with this idea. I'd want this sword's main focus point being the charge mechanic. Well, that's that. EDIT: I've realized a problem with this idea. I said it stuns Unstoppable Champions, but jolt stuns Overload Champions. Having 2 Champion strengths built into a weapon at the same time is obviously a bit too strong for Bungie tastes. So I guess it would be better to make it just strong against Overload Champions instead.



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