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9/20/2023 1:26:10 PM

Blacklist is recruiting active PvP Players! [Skrims / Tourneys / Trials]

About us: We are a group of dedicated Destiny players that have been around since the very beginning.! We see our clan as a family, meaning we treat each individual member as our brothers/sisters, not just a spot in a roster. We want YOU to grow with us and become comfortable around us and be part of our family. We are small enough for you to make important decisions in our community and grow with us, and large enough to tackle any challenge Bungie has to throw at us. This is what we offer at Blacklist We are currently seeking active PvP players! New or highly skilled. We offer weekly skrims to help improve your skills, with a seasonal competitive tournament for amazing prizes, merch., and bragging rights! We also offer trials help for those wanting to reach the lighthouse! What we offer: [Weekly Skrims | Seasonal Tournaments | Coaching | Trials Help] If you wish to join, upvote this post, request to join, and DM one of our admins or founders for acceptance. We will follow up with an invite to our discord and welcome you to our community! Hope to meeting you soon!



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