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9/19/2023 1:46:58 AM

[Xbox/PC] Are you done being a number in a clan? Join Team GRRR today!!

Have you been searching for the right clan over and over again? Perhaps you are in a clan and have only stayed with a false hope of getting things accomplished only to catch disappointment. Maybe a solo player that is tired of endgame content requiring more people to complete. THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! Here at Team GRRR, we are a small and tight group daily players with not just dashing personalities but have the heart and will to get objectives done across PvE and PvP. We are looking for active individuals who not only carry skill but who also carry the qualities of a team player. We care about knowing about you rather then you being a number or a position to fill. You want to play with people that know what the heck they are doing and have an blast doing it! Join Team GRRR as we invade Season of the Witch and show other Guardians true strength in the crucible! They may have their numbers, but they won’t have absolute victory. Please message me to begin! Questions and activities to commence upon application. I mean we gotta make sure you’re a good fit. We mostly use Xbox party chat to communicate through our activities but we also have discord party chat we can do as well. We got plenty in our discord to see, post, and enjoy all together! Thank you for considering, Stay amazing~



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