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Destiny 2

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9/18/2023 5:37:51 AM

Back to back error codes in trials first round...

After an entire weekend of the most appalling PvP experience in Destiny's history, bungie follows it up with business as usual dog water server issues. 2 games back to back error codes followed by increased traffic login delay. This is purely 100% on Bungies end, yet the player faces the reprocussions. As a PvP player, I am stuck paying for yearly expansions for a service that can't even be adequately delivered. Any other business would offer some form of compensation for the absolute cluster f**k this weekend has been yet Bungie effectively just tell us to eat s**t and smile. There NEEDS to be some form of protection against error code based disconnects, understandably if I was down 4-0 a loss makes sense, but to be up or even then deal with this garbage is just under delivery of the highest order. To think the majority of the player base have had to spend literally hundreds to play whilst free to play games have a fraction of the issues...



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