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StormBearにより編集済み: 9/15/2023 10:43:31 AM

FIVE trials engrams for ONE legendary trials weapon?!?

Then up the -blam!- drop rate for engrams substantially! I understand charging a couple more engrams to unlock previously unacquired armor pieces or legacy gear. But regular legendary weapons we’ve already unlocked are now suddenly supposed to cost 5x the amount in engrams? How is the effort of acquiring 25 legendary shards passively by playing the game EVEN REMOTELY similar to the effort for acquiring 5 trials engrams? [spoiler]It’s not[/spoiler] You seriously think this is a good idea in a game mode that’s already notoriously stingy in terms of loot? And is only available from friday til tuesday? And where focussing doesn’t give you any guarantee for a half decent roll, so there’s a very good chance you’re basically just flushing 5 hard earned engrams down the crapper? The upcoming increased drop rate for random legendary trials weapons better be insane. Because in a looter-shooter, you guys sure don’t like us getting any actual loot. [spoiler]Unless it’s in the Eververse store and marked up for 8x times its original price. Right?[/spoiler]



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