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9/6/2023 10:30:20 PM

New Light Experience - Learning Light Bug

Hi everyone, I have 2 friends who are getting into destiny but they ran into a major problem that had an annoying "fix". In order for new lights to reach guardian rank 4, they need to complete the "learning light" quest. However if a new light has already completed learning light BEFORE reaching guardian rank 3 the learning light won't be seen as completed to advance in guardian ranks. There is no way to require this quest by any means. [b]FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NEW LIGHTS AND ARE WONDERING HOW TO GET PASS THIS UNTIL IT IS FIXED[/b]. The new light needs to make a second character and complete the learning light quest on that second character, [b]WHICH IS BASICALLY ALL OF THE TUTORIAL AGAIN[/b]. [u]Because of cross progression completing learning light will now let new lights finally get guardian rank 4[/u]. Bungie please fix this as soon as possible, it severely demotivated one of my new lights who had to waste 2hrs on the tutorial again. Either have "Learning Light" be saved as a quest step to claim it as a guardian rank, or have it be one of the first triumphs they claim, or have it as an earlier guardian rank requirement. tl:dr Learning Light is bugged for new lights and won't let them advance guardian ranks unless they make a 2nd character.



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