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9/4/2023 5:56:43 PM

Give 1K Voices A Catalyst

1K Voices should have definitely gotten a catalyst with the last-wish raid reboot, since someone at the lil-circle table didn't bring up the idea of the literal raid weapon getting a catalyst, I will do it myself. It needs a catalyst: "Rapidly Causing Ignitions Grants Heavy Ammo." This would be a good catalyst. We could do it every 2 ignitions that's going to increase ammo by 50%, which is decent. It's a guaranteed ignition with embers of ashes. Out of all of the ideas, mine makes the most sense. Like, +2 reserves aren't enough to make the weapon meta. We could just add that with the ignitions catalyst. Gg, it's now top meta for linear fusion dps. By a good amount as it is a raid weapon, it should be doing the most damage. ❤️🔥😫🦴👀🫦🙏😈💦😩🥱😝☠️😱🤪😴



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