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Nameless Vanguard is Recruiting Solo Players!

Nameless Vanguard is Recruiting Solo Players! The main goal of this clan is to have a community for solo players and player who can't give as much time as they want to the game, a place where they cannot just be a part of a clan without fear of being kicked because life gets too busy, but a place where they can hopefully feel safe asking for help. This will be a semi-active clan. You don't have to talk or play with anyone, but if you are like me sometimes you may not want to solo run a dungeon or you might want to do a raid or GM with other people. Either way, feel free to join. We also have a discord that you could join. As I said this is a semi-active clan, so when it comes to the end of a season don't expect to see a lot of activity. If your just joining to get the clan rep then that's fine by us. My hope is that this clan will be a great community of people who love the game and universe of Destiny and who knows you just might make a few friends along the way. Click the link to join up now! [url][/url]



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