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8/9/2023 1:22:29 PM

LGBTQ+ and gender minority community open!

Looking for new friends and members! Request to join our discord! Our Clan: Ad Astra Superbia System: Mainly PS but all welcome! Location: Mostly US, spread out among the timezones with some Europe and Aussie members Schedule: predominantly weekday evenings US time About: Looking for a queer friendly and engaging community to play Destiny with? Look no further! Our clan and Discord is an inclusive community of LGBTQ+ gamers and allies. Whether it’s grinding seasonal content, chasing raid titles, or climbing the competitive calendar, our aim is to be a friendly and inclusive community of players. **Although room in the clan itself is limited, we’re still looking for active gamers to grow our community. **We offer activity LFG, teaching & master raids, and more. Whether you’re ready to try your first raid or want a weekly raid group for flawless, we’d love to have you. Click here to view our clan or request to join. Otherwise if you would like to join our community send us a message for a link! Even if you’re happy in your clan you can hop in our discord to help grow our community.
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