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Gambit needs a treatment similar to Iron Banner

We all know that crucible needs new maps and better balance overall. But Gambit needs a lot more than that. To start off, gambit need at least all the vaulted maps back and then 2-3 new maps to refresh the playlist. But then we could use a few balance changes also. Lastly I would propose a treatment similar to Iron Banner, where we would get 2-3 weeks of "Gambit Prime" per season. But here's my proposed changes to regular Gambit before talking more about Gambit Prime. -Heavy ammo deals slightly less damage to Primevals. -When invading Heavy ammo locks for the invader and invaded team. These changes would hopefully bring some fun to the invading, nobody likes to invade or be invaded and be Xenophaged instantly. And lessen the boss melt with heavy. "Gambit Prime" -All new set of armor, weapons, emblem shader and title similar to Iron Banner -New bosses: things like shade of Oryx, huge shrieker, the knight from haunted forest etc. More aggressive bosses. -Rotating modes like Iron Banner has -Ultra spam: more ultras, faster primevals and 20 mote bank would spawn an Unstoppable Ogre to the enemy. -Gambit Mayhem: simply a huge cooldown bonus to the abilities and supers. -Unstable Invader: every kill the invader makes banks increasing amount of motes to their bank (5-10-15-20) but if you get shut down the invaded team would get 20 motes straight to their bank. Please note that the proposed heavy lock is here as well. The whole idea of this is to bring more players to Gambit, refress the playlist and provide an experience to all similar to Iron Banner with how it mixes normal pvp up. But we'll see. At the moment Destiny 2 is in a pretty bad spot but I seriously hope it would get better in all aspects. Thanks for reading! Ps. Sorry for any spelling mistakes etc. On a tighter schedule at the moment. Edit: mode: Motestealer. At x rate a major taken goblin would spawn and try to run to your bank. The spawn would be announced. If allowed to reach it and stay there, it would steal 15 motes from you and try to run back where it came where it would de-spawn. The timer would be visible when its reached the bank and the spawn would be one of the places where enemies spawn. Killing the goblin at any point before de-spawning would drop any stolen motes on to the ground. This would emphasize sentry duty since other modes I proposed emphasize invasion and collection.



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