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7/23/2023 6:25:50 PM


[NA] [18+][PST][Crossplay friendly] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to our clan our goal is to make this clan enjoyable. like having a raids, PvP comp group, PVE , Or maybe just a Lore Seekers. We even help people out of story campaign Or exotic quest It doesn't matter if you're new or you played this game for a very long time. Anyone is welcome. If you're interested to take this journey with us feel free to join our Discord and clan [ We Offer ] Raids, dungeons, quest, and pvp Community we have a very safe and large discord community mixed with destiny side of our discord server we just recently expanded onto Diablo 4 So if you also play Diablo 4 you can join our clan.. [ Rules ] required to join our Discord for clan activities. [ I know for Console players, You can join voice chat through your PS5 using mobile app or Xbox Homescreen ] treat people with respect. we are a very chill and relaxing clan We like to have fun. Keep the toxic out You are more than welcome to bring people into the clan. We also understand that we have school and work. And daily lives. So we don't expect you guys to hop on 24/7. but keep us up to date so we know that you're alive . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]DISCORD LINK[/b] - [b]CLAN LINK[/b] -



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