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7/7/2023 9:39:15 PM
[quote]For consideration respond with your age/ timezone and any pertinent information about yourself/ your destiny experience. We WILL NOT blindly accept random requests to join. If you can't be bothered to read the post (it's short AF), you probably aren't what we're looking for.... We're an ADULT ONLY clan in the US that does teaching raids often and are very active.... Thanks for your consideration! P.S. I'm at work, if you are interested and don't get a reply immediately, just give me a bit, I'll address each response as soon as I am able[/quote] 40, cst. Looking for a good raid group and potentially dungeons and GM's as well. I do love endgame pve, I'm trying to gild my conquer title again this season for all 9. Feel free to raid report me also if you'd like. Moist sharts#9768. Thanks



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