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7/6/2023 2:02:23 PM
51 Eastern / PSN...I have Discord but I haven't really learned it well yet. I've played since D1 Beta with two notable breaks from the beginning of Rise of Iron till Destiny 2 and the beginning of the Black Armory until Season of the Haunted. I own this year's pass so I don't forsee dropping out now. I'm a Warlock Stormcaller main but adept with all elements and understand the importance of running a Solar Well Warlock on high level activities, with that said however, I do try to improve my Hunter & Titan in that order when I get the chance. I completed Lightfall on Legendary with my Lock and have downed a few Legenday Lost sectors but need to get 3 completions on Legenday LF story missions to make Justicar. Those are my strengths. I am currently in an clan, playing solo or with one IRL friend on occasion but I've never really felt engaged by the clan I'm in, and plans to do raids or any real team activity have generally fallen apart before they began. My weaknesses are that I have no current raid experience, have yet to complete a dungeon and have a number of exotic quests that I've yet to complete because I've played primarily solo. I'm at work now and will be going to the Dirty Heads / Tropidellic concert tonight but I am interested in becoming part of a clan that works high level content.



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