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6/30/2023 8:30:54 PM

Battle pass: Grab all characters loot when only having 1 class.

I don't know if this feature is already in the game, but it's worth posting. I only play Warlock and I'm a usual battle pass buyer (This is my last season buying the pass, so this won't be a problem for later.). I don't plan on making a Hunter or Titan any time soon, but I may do it later. From what I know, you can only pick up your class-related rewards and items when using the Season tab in the game and are unable to pick your Titan or Hunter without going to the character itself. My question: Is there a way to claim other characters' items without having to create a character of said class? Even though I don't play those classes, I should be able to pick what I paid for! I may create a character later but I would miss on the battle pass loot for them. Appreciate your time.



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