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Destiny 2

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Kenningarにより編集済み: 6/19/2023 4:17:59 PM

Destiny 2 is NOT a cross-save game.

It's tiring. We always have to pay for other people's crap. Because of the patch for sharing emblems, which allowed clever people to get rare promotional emblems, now I myself don't even have access to some of MY emblems (which I had bought, they were physical collector's items !!!!). Yes, I had been playing on PS4, yes I changed platforms (PC) when cross-play arrived, yes I thought the cross-save was "fully managed" (nothing stipulates anywhere without REALLY REALLY looking for this info that DLC emblems aren't counted in this transfer...). This is absurd. Why transfer the "whole" of our characters if the contents don't follow? I can understand that expansions are blocked by the problem of transferring licenses between stores... (and even so, competitors manage to deal with it just fine) but what the hell, emblems? Seriously? And you block them 5 years later ? Seriously ? That's just shy of the statute of limitations. And what's more, with a little thought, you could have simply taken responsibility for licensing on your own. Frankly, you know how to do it, as demonstrated by the Bungie codes for promotional items. You could have done a simple account check and you'd have known for sure who wasn't entitled to the emblems concerned. Damn it, Bungie, learn to manage your players. We all love Destiny, but there's too much abuse, you know that. Down to the smallest detail like this. But every time, you have to manage it in the worst possible way.



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