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Stand Alternate Supers

Stand Subclasses’ Alternate Supers Threadrunner — Silkstrike: Vicious Stinger Attach a spiked blade to your rope dart and throw it out as a single thread. The rope dart tracks and pierces through targets, suspending them. Targets who are killed by the rope dart unravel into tangles. Recall the rope dart to make it pass back through all pierced targets and tangles which explode. Broodweaver — Needlestorm: Brood Parasite Conjure woven needle appendages from your back that lift you off the ground and grant increased mobility. Pierce targets with appendages to suspend them. Defeated targets unravel into threadlings, which the appendages automatically pick up and launch at nearby targets. Berserker — Bladefury: Crazed Chains Fire your Bladefury claws attached to grapple chains. The claws burrow into their target. Slowly pull yourself towards the target, folding the slack of the grapple chains into an oversized tangle that grows in size and damage the closer you move to the target. Release to let the tangle slingshot to the burrowed claws and detonate, unraveling the area.



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