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Destiny 2

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Spectre-Eighteenにより編集済み: 5/28/2023 1:10:54 PM

Fun dungeon!

As someone who was grinding spire 6x a week, this dungeon is a breath of fresh air. Already feel like with some fine tuning and practice it will be a speedy farm. Lots of people complaining about boss health and travel between encounters but I think honestly people just don’t want to do the mechanics and so when they can’t 1 phase they want the boss’ health to be halved before they start lol Anyway, I’m by far not a great boss damage dealer, much more of an ad clear. But having only done this dungeon once I think I can already guide a fresh fireteam, didn’t even need tutorials for the traversal (it’s pretty intuitive level design, I think) Keen to farm the armour and exotic! Decent content and some awesome lore



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