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4/13/2023 10:38:58 AM

NEW clan!! Looking for members!! Laidback & Easygoing

Hey Guardian! Tired of talking to a brick wall 98% of the time at your old clan? Or maybe just in need of a clan to join? Look no further!! For this clan honestly I’m no expert or a sherpa player I’m just like any run of the mill player. I wanted to make this clan so where people can pretty much interact, give tips, make friends and upmostly break the ice to make it easier for one another to enjoy the game. As of now we just want this clan to be unbound but ideally thrive to play all the game’s harder content: PVP, DUNGEON, RAIDS and etc. <<please don’t mind any grammar errors>> If you’re interested join us now @ AmongRizens [AMR*] it’s open to join! Check out our #Destiny2 clan!



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