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Destiny 2

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3/31/2023 10:40:14 PM

Finally did the Vexcalibur mission.

Once was enough. I died about 20 times, mostly by missing jumps and at the first boss because I couldn't collect enough motes in time. Other than that, it's not the hardest mission. Just extremely tedious. The endless waves of enemies are ridiculous. I finished the mission with over 1500 kills. That's got to be a new record for me for one mission. The weapon is fine as it is in its base form. I really don't see the need to get the catalysts, especially since I'm not a big glaive user. Now I've done it I can see why people are saying this mission is a downgrade from the standard set by last season's Exotic pulse rifle quest. I did that one for fun and for the weapon. I would still be doing on occasion if it were still available. I think Bungie needs to re-assess their mission design. Endless waves of enemies in confined arenas is poor design. This is not the way.



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