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3/31/2023 8:35:52 PM

ALL PLATFORMS!! Tomorrows Guardians are Recruiting 24/7. Fun Chill Friendly Clan! Age 20+ PSN Chat, Discord, Raids, GMs,.Casual

We are Recruiting! We accept anyone from any platform. However i would like to let you know that only PS5 & Xbox Series X|S has Discord. PS4 & Xbox One does not. We are looking for active members who want to play together, help each other & have fun while doing it. We do ask that you join before coming into our discord and PSN Chats. We do Weekly raids, mainly on Saturday because thats when people are free mostly. Ive started setting them up in our Discord since Jan 1 2023. We are chill, fun, We do require you to be age 25+. Ill typically help anyone if im available. If we dont get certain activities beaten theres always tomorrow guardian We also do dungeons & gms. If you have any questions or concerns you may message one of us below. #DramaFreeZone Leader: BustyVampGoddess(PSN) Admins: TheGamingSKITZ(Steam & PSN) Chad_599(PSN) & Rlyfunnyname(PSN)



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