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3/29/2023 5:01:20 AM

Avalon Exotic mission is overtuned.

Bungie. Coming from a long-time Destiny 2 fan. we need to talk. The new exotic mission is a trainwreck. The difficulty scales and makes it just chaos. you need to have some sort of staying alive build the whole time. When we come home from work and fire up Destiny 2. the last thing we want is a beatdown from a wyvern in a murder pit. I get that there has to be a challenge. that the keyword. "challenge" This mission? The word that comes to my mind is "Punishing" I know you guys have had a hard time with balancing difficulty and reward but this just isn't it. The difficulty of the standard mission is fine. but legendary? the average player plays 2 minutes and uninstalls the game. The difficulty of the legendary Seraph shield was beautiful. and well-balanced. many would agree. you also could get all the rewards in one play-through. Avalon is 3 separate runs to get all the catalysts? who thought of that? are you intentionally punishing us to play 2 more times after we are done wiping the sweat of completing the first run? I digress. give players, not veterans. but the average player's something that won't cause them to rage quit. the difficulty was always there in higher content in previous seasons. (Gm nightfalls, Raids, and some Dungeons) those are endgames. Is an exotic mission endgame? Don't get me started on the power requirement. you say it's recommended 1830 but you cap us at 1815 no matter what. that makes the recommended power useless. It makes us feel like our light grind is in vain. when we spend the vast majority of our time in destiny to grind our power level higher. please make it feel like we actually accomplished something. When an exotic mission is more "punishing" than a raid then it's gone too far. if the exotic was actually meta then people would grind for it. make it worthwhile Bungie. Meet us halfway here and give us something fun and challenging. Not "punishing"



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