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3/29/2023 1:43:18 AM

Ascendant Alloys

Is there a plan to make Ascendant Alloys less painful to farm. Prior to this season we could farm them on the Derelict Leviathan doing the nightmare containment public event, but since that activity has been lost to the vault, the only way it seems to get them (other than once a week from Rahool) is to do the story mission, which is like 30-35 minutes for an "uncommon" chance to get them. With 21 new craftable weapons this season alone, we would need 42 alloys, which would be a very quick way for a player to come to absolutely hate certain content when there is a single, painful way to semi-farm it. I didn't mind farming them in the Derelict Leviathan because it was like a 10 minute activity you could throw in here and there and it was a shrug-off if you didn't get an alloy for a few activities. You could spend that time using the weapons you were leveling as well, which really isn't an option when you are going into content that is more difficult and has champions which require certain guns, playstyles, and/or team compositions to deal with. I would have thought that the alloy drops would have moved to the destination content on Neptune.



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