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3/27/2023 7:41:56 PM

Why are people still sweating in Iron Banner after it got turned into a casual game mode?

To clarify, l think there is a big difference between trying to win and sweating. I have no issue with people trying to win in casual game modes. Map rotating and grouping should be a normalized thing in PvP regardless of IB/Comp/Casual, as it just makes sense from a gameplay standpoint. Coming back to Destiny in Lightfall after taking a break since S14/S15, I came to hear that Iron Banner got changed to a casual mode. As an enjoyer of competitive FPS games, including Destiny 1/2, I thought this was a terrible change, but it reminded me that now is a great time to use those trash exotics and armor for fun in IB, since it's a different game mode than what's available in casual queue. What I'm having a really hard time understanding is why there are so many sweaty people running around slideshot matadors, Immortal Adepts, DMT, No Time, IKELOS SMG, etc. as if there's something to be gained from using your highest light and best gear. The purpose of light advantages was so that there is an incentive to use those builds to close or extend your light/power gap, depending on which end of the dis/advantage you're on. With no competitive incentive, it doesn't make sense to me to use these builds. If the goal is to use what you've earned (usually from the competitive mode), why would you waste your time in IB and not actual competitive, where you earn real benefits for ranking higher? I need another perspective on this situation, as I'm struggling to make sense of it here. Not looking for hate or to start arguments, I'm genuinely interested in seeing other's perspective on this. I play a lot of different games from different FPS genres competitively and feel I have a pretty decent understanding of the general competitive mind set of those games. Hopefully that gives a bit more of an idea as to how my views have come to this point. (CoD, CS:GO, OW1, and Destiny 1/2 are the notable ones)



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