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3/28/2023 4:20:38 AM

Suggestions to Improve Artifice gear

Lately i find artifice gear to be very underwhelming as opposed to its former self. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like the victim of a rug pull when they removed the extra mod slot in exchange for a measly +3 stat of your choice. Not only is the extra bump lackluster on its own, but it seems like the chances of getting artifice gear to roll anything above 65 is miniscule to a point where it just feels... absurd to expect players to farm the gear, unless the intention was not making the armor desirable at all in terms of utility but as mostly trophy for bragging rights. Assuming the former, I have some suggestions, ordered from most preferred to least: 1: Bring back the extra mod slot but but its usage cost -10 of a certain stat (your choice bungie, can either be class-specific or based on the mod being used in the slot, such as a grenade mod costing -10 discipline or always -10 res for titans etc.) 2: Keep the current system the same with the free +stat slot but lower the max stat roll on artifice gear to 60, and a minimum no less than 51. In exchange for this, make increase the bonus from the artifice slot from +3 to +10. This gives players more customizing power and can help mediate unlucky rolls by still being customized to still be viable in focused builds and significantly more flexible than regular armor. Maybe this can be our way of finally getting a total 70 roll from getting that rare 60 stat drop +10. 3: make artifice gear a hybrid of 1.0 armor and 2.0. have the armor drop with the extra mod slot, but said mod slot is a fixed mod that cannot be swapped out. How cool would it be to get that crazy rare perfect or near perfect stat roll you been chasing with both high discipline and also a free Firepower mod forever implanted in your new ultimate grenade build gloves? 4: keep things the same as they are, but tweak the RNG so that its much more likely to armor drop 65+. It should be more rare to see anything under 64. You aren't offering stronger versions of the dungeon weapons but expect players so in exchange for this, armor should be more generous in its RNG. I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on this.



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