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3/27/2023 7:28:16 PM
I joined up just three months prior to lightfall release and as others have stated HoB is a dream come true. As a queer D2 player, who’s a little too soft for his own good, I’ve hopped in and out of several clans never really finding a place where I felt comfortable or genuinely welcome; playing with others under a façade that wasn’t really me just to feel safe or that I’d belong. This left me with coming to terms that I’d probably have to run solo for good and remain limited in the overall content I could explore. HoB has been something of a light in the dark for me. From my welcome call where we explored my first dungeon, to now joining up for contest mode/master or grandmaster content I have never felt more welcomed and encouraged by an online community. Every step of the way, the admins and guides took great joy and patience in teaching content like dungeons and raids. I’m pleased to say I’ve met some really awesome people here. It feels powerful to have a community that closes ranks when faced with bigotry and it’s wonderful to see the leadership stand firm in accepting and kindly welcoming all who come our way. We do this [i]and[/i] kick -blam!- all the same. I can’t thank everyone enough for making me feel like I’ve got a home in D2. If I’m playing, it’s with HoB. Your bud, Kaine xoxo P.S. if you’ve taken the time to read this my friend, I pray the fates bring you our way. Eyes up my queer guardian, you most certainly have a place with us.



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