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3/27/2023 10:58:37 AM

Largest LGBTQIA clan in destiny 2! Legendary HOB

If anyone is looking for an LGBTQIA+ clan we have a clan with 350 members that's just for you! The legendary HOB strive for safety and a nontoxic environment for our members! We always do our best to provide comfort for those struggling with issues with destiny and life ltself. We have alot of different timezones covered with people located all over the world. We have tons of raids scheduled weekly and people willing to sherpa the raids you haven't done. We host custom pvp games and weekly teaching raids along with seal hunting and grandmasters for those true end game guardians. All four Haus of Bussy clans are joined through the discord that took months to perfect. We have added alot of personal touches to make it truly an amazing community . PLEASE DM MY BUNGIE ACCOUNT VaultOfBussy that way we could set up a welcome call with you to get to know you and walk you through the discord and more. Can't wait to see you star side Guardians! Check out our #Destiny2 clan!



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