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3/27/2023 2:40:55 AM

Ib matches gilding amd rewards

So can we talk about this week's ib and how the game mode don't reward ypu with ib gear yes I know I can go to lord Salida and give my low recoris to him but the fact I get crucible reward more then ib loot is frustrating especially if you trying to get good rolls and the games rng refuse to give you won't you end up spending 25 shards for 3 shards or how the facts that to gild this session title you need to win matches witch is all well and good if ypu got a team but if ypu solo if my random can't kill or play points in first minute I jest leve cus I not going to get rewards or progress my title its so bad that I routinely go into games in progress or the face that bass control takes way to long the full time to jest lose by 1 points and get no progress its bad amd something needs to be done



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