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3/26/2023 2:07:28 AM

Iron Banana

Well, it's that time of the season again. Time for me to break out the ole windbag and start whingeing and moaning like the insufferable Karen that I am about the state of how miserable and insufferable Iron Banner is and your matchmaking sucks and this quest is more excruciating than a root canal sans lidocaine and do you even play your own game? Now that 95% of the chronically online forum lords have quit reading and are already 250 words deep into whingeing in the comments, what I actually want to say is holy -blam!-, Bungo. This was, genuinely, the best Iron Banner experience I have had since Season of Opulence. I am blown away by how balanced and fair the lobbies are, how little latency has impacted my experience (there have been moments, but nothing like it was last season), and how much fun it's been. I've played dozens of games and it's been a geniune blast. The sandbox may be full of some genuinely irritatingly busted crap right now (re: The Immortal (Adept), Threadlings, etc), but even with all of that, I've had a lot of fun with it this week. Way more fun than I had anticipated. Whatever it is you're doing with Matchmaking and Connections, keep at it. It's working.



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