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3/26/2023 12:08:31 AM

Looking to grow our clan, everyone is welcome

Garglenuts is a clan that values community and camaraderie above all else. We believe that the best way to explore the vast world of Destiny 2 is by doing it together, with friends by your side who share your passion for the game. We welcome players of all levels of experience and skill, from seasoned veterans to those just starting out on their journey. As a member of Garglenuts, you'll have access to a wide range of resources and support to help you succeed in the game. Our experienced players are always happy to share their knowledge and offer advice to those who need it, whether it's in the form of a quick tip or a full-fledged training session. We're also constantly organizing raids, strikes, and other events to help players hone their skills and earn valuable rewards. Link to join: Link to discord:



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