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3/24/2023 6:45:44 PM

The Accusers Want you Guardian!

The Accusers of the Brethren are recruiting guardians to be come a part of our fast growing community. We are an Active, Engaging great group of guardians all whom are there for a good time and to get it done!. We have a range of clans that you can join in the server, and we all participate in Raids, Crucible, Dungeons and All! If destiny offers it, we’re doing it 😊 It Matters not your level of experience, whether you’ve been grinding the game since launch or you’ve been playing for five minutes, if you want to Join a helpful friendly clan, this is where you want to be. All platforms are used and encouraged in the server, there are a wide range of people playing all platforms (PC, Xbox and Playstation) so regardless there will always be fellow guardians to Join you on your quest!. If you are interested in joining DM me on here or over on discord, my name on there is: FatherLines#7556 and I’ll be happy to help you get in and set up.



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