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Ruemandoにより編集済み: 3/25/2023 4:57:01 PM

IB rewards: Autumn Wind and Nothing but Special Weapon Pinnacles EDITED

I've had 10 pinnacles thus far from IB. Check my loot Bungie, nothing but Special Weapons... Even my loot from the Clan rewards... special weapons... Remember when Destiny had "bad luck" protection... I think it's needed again but more broadly. What's the point of chasing these pinnacles during the IB if they are all the same slot? And, what's going on with all the Autumn Wind drops? Edit: 11 pinnacles and again, special weapon. A good roll, but still. Also, "...point gains increased by: 13.50x" is universally known as "multiplied by." How about just put "13.50 percent" or points or xp... or whatever it actually is (LOL, I haven't done the math by I know it's not multiplication) Edit #2: And finally, the end of this IB for me yielded... an Allied Demand pinnacle. But, I turned in a Prime Engram and it was a special weapon... Not really the same thing, but I can't say I'm compelled to run this again with drops like that... I'm not a huge PVP fan anyway, so this stung a little. Edit #3: My first pinnacle of the day from Vanguard: Special Weapon. Last night, Nightfall pinnacle... boots (it's like I was hoping for a special weapon to make my point...). Still seems like punishment for something. Grinding? Remember when Bungie did that? "Oh, you are playing way too much of this activity, we're going to de-incentivise you by reducing your xp."



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