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3/22/2023 8:59:42 PM

Small adult endgame PVE focused clan looking for a few more quality members.

[quote]WE WILL TEACH AND HELP WITH RAIDS[/quote] [quote]LEAVE EGO'S OR TOXIC NATURE ELSEWHERE, NO SWEATLORDS[/quote] [quote]LIVES, FAMILIES, AND KIDS ARE A REAL THING. [/quote] "Adulting" is an adult-based clan focused on meshing and accomplishing things as a community. If we work together we can tackle anything Destiny throws at us. We are always attempting end-game content ranging from dungeons to grandmasters, and raids! Have contest mode completions of Vow and Root of Nightmares. Looking for chill people. We are not looking for people that are going to be playing solo all the time. We have formed close bonds and invite and encourage anyone looking for that type of clan to try us out. COMM's. are required for raids and dungeons. 21 or older. [quote]PRIMETIME IS 5PM - 12AM EST[/quote] This is when most of our members are on and when we aim to raid. We have people from all time zones, and adjust accordingly to try and get things done for everyone. [quote]BE SOCIAL AND HELPFUL TO MEMBERS. WE WILL TEACH RAIDS[/quote] While peoples' schedules don't always line up, once we have enough people, we will be consistently raiding. We don't care how skilled you are. Our training raids are for anyone that wants to join and/or learn. This is a community. PARTICIPATE. We're here to make friends and smack around some Bosses. Message me if you want to discuss joining. Carry on Guardians.[/quote]



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