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3/24/2023 2:41:13 PM

Iron Banner Pinnacle Challenges Missing on Titan

Hi Team, I'm not seeing the Pinnacle Challenges for Iron Banner on my Titan. I can confirm that I meet the access requirements for Iron Banner. I've been able to play games with clanmates. I followed the advice on twitter, stating the requirement to 'access' Iron Banner was: Guardian Rank 4 - I am a Veteran Player, at Rank 6 Complete the Intro Crucible Quest - This was incomplete on my Hunter and Titan. I have since completed this quest on both characters. Talked to Saladin. - After speaking to Saladin on my Hunter, Pinnacle Challenges became available. This has not happened on my Titan. This is not power level related. I have been able to progress the challenge on my Warlock, which is below 1800 At current I see the challenges on my Hunter at roughly 1630-ish Light Level. The only I thing I can think of is that the Game considers my Titan a "New Light" by virtue of incomplete other New light quests for Nessus and the Dreaming City, but these quests are abandoned on hunter also. Is there a step I can take to allow me to access these Challenges on my Titan? Also - It makes no sense for the New Light Campaign to be a barrier to content when the quest is complete on another character. Thanks, and I appreciate any advice you can offer.



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