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3/24/2023 2:37:03 PM

Iron Banner loot doesn't exist

Just resetted, and got around 1k rep back while playing last night. Until now, I haven't seen a single Iron Banner Shader or Emblem Drop. I opened every IB engram, and got no leggings for my warlock (and I only farmed on it). Barely have seen any guns beside Autumn Winds (I get 1 or 2 everygame) and no other Crucible Weapon. Dropped the Slug Shotgun twice, the Fusion once, and the SMG twice. Idk how many matches I completed until this point, but it's not fun. It's not grinding either, since there's no loot to pursue, because bungie gave us no loot. Oh and, 7 Bonds, 3 helmet, 2 Chest Pieces, 4 gloves. All below 62 stats, and far from having any focus os stat spike. The loot on this game is in a terrible state, and the activities are getting extremely boring. Good Job, Bungie.



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