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3/24/2023 1:31:01 PM
[quote]Bungie, I think most of use agree that you need to look at difficulty again,[/quote] This^ really needs to stop. The truth is, a lot of you need to actually face reality. Going on 9 years and you guys still ignore the facts, things that have been right in front of your faces the entire time. [b]Why?[/b] What do any of you get out of ignoring what is in plain sight? I'm actually really curious. What this business does is literally planned, designed, and thought out way ahead of time. [b](There are no "mistakes" in their actions.)[/b] It is literally designed how they wanted it. There is nothing to look at, at all. They designed it to be the way it is to waste your time to show numbers. Why do a lot of you ignore this, and keep asking questions like this??? I'm asking a legit question because you should know by now being a vet as you said, yet you think somehow they actually made a "mistake". The worst part about them making these mistakes as some call it, is that a lot of players will praise them when they adjust it being fully aware that it was literally designed how they wanted it. "Thank you Bungie for "fixing" what you deliberately broke in the first place for the umpteenth time". Wake up people, it's time to smell the coffee.



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