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3/23/2023 2:02:10 AM

Upvote for more Ascendant Alloy drop sources

Having these materials mandatory for crafting perks yet only having a few drop sources is frustrating. As far as I can tell there are only four sources: 1. Once a reset for Banshee 2. Weekly Story Mission 3. Master Wellspring 4. One a week from Rahool The Banshee one takes forever to get, the Rahool one is ridiculously overpriced at 400 legendary shards and limited to once a week, Master Wellspring is uncommon on Master not to mention old content, and the Weekly Story Mission is now a huge pain to grind with the difficulty changes. Can we get these to drop from raids or dungeons at least? Or maybe just be on a weekly rotator as a rare drop for crucible, gambit and strikes, encouraging more players into those playlists? I have quite a few weapons I simply cannot upgrade because of these materials. If there’s another source I’m missing, let me know.



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