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3/20/2023 8:47:07 AM

Small clan looking for more friends

[All platforms] HIIII EVERYONE!!!! We are a small clan that are looking for guardians that just wanna have fun and share the same energy as us. Some of us have years of experience and can teach all kinds of activities. We are extremely chilled, bs free, extremely weird and fun clan. Dark humour and weird humour do occur a lot. We are UK/Sweden based, but we have people from US! So everyone is welcome to join! We do other activities also like game night such as among us and discords game and also movie nights! We all have lives and responsibilities so we know that people can’t be super active which we are chill about. Only rules we have: 1. 16+ (Recommend to be 18+) 2. Be respectful and friendly, we are here to help each other. 3. Don’t be a snowflake, we joke about everything! 4. Have a good sense of humour! 5. NO BULLYING! We use discord for all our planning and communication cause it’s easier. However, if you don’t feel comfortable joining the discord or don’t know where to start with the app, you could always ask one of the admins to help you. For the girls that are thinking of joining, this is a female-friendly clan. Clan link: Discord link: If you got any questions, feel free to ask ^-^



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