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PS clan: The Infinity Stoners, chill all around adult clan

Looking for chill clan members. We are all adults here and like to keep the environment mature and friendly. No drama is allowed. We simply enjoy being friends with one another. If you have been struggling to find a clan that is as loyal to you as you are to them then this is the clan for you. We do NOT kick friends/members if they need to be inactive for a while. As a clan we teach and do raids, dungeons, and everything else one could wish for. This isn't just a clan though, it's a friend group. We understand the struggle of gaming alone and getting bored ASF, not getting to do activities youre dying to do because you dont have anyone to help out. If you have been looking for chill people to game with and talk to, this is the right clan for you. Activities we regularly do: -Dungeons -Weekly Pinacle Raids -Crucible -Gambit - Any/All Pinacles -Sherpa Raid Clears -Clan PVP private matches -Trials of Osiris -Holiday give-aways We despise the use of Discord and will never use it or ask anyone too, we want members, not numbers We have been a helpful active clan since the release of Destiny 2 and are always striving to help others where they ask for it. We also play other games together when the seasons get to their slow points



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