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Destiny 2

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3/15/2023 1:28:09 AM

Headlong mission, legendary solo

[quote][can’t find search for forums so sorry if this has been mentioned][/quote] It makes *no* sense that I’ve attempted this boss room so many times and cannot find a solution to it except a cheese to avoiding the damage wall so I can get kills and stay alive. I’ve never been one to look up how others completed something difficult and gone for the method that’s more or less cheating the intentions of the encounter. I just don’t see any other way at this point? It’s frustrating and I don’t see how they don’t see this is a bit much for such a small space, limited power & damage output/accuracy from the enemies here. I’ve seen it be called the worst campaign mission and making people want to uninstall and I’m wondering if my number of attempts have surpassed theirs tbh. I wish they’d test things before releasing them because as much as they claim they do, I think we can see every season they don’t do this or don’t do it enough.



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