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[ALL PLATFORMS] Eyes of the Ancient - Seeks your light | New Lights Welcome | New Community | 18+

Here at Eyes of the Ancient [EOTA] we focus on both PvE and PvP content for Destiny. We are making this clan for people who are in the Asia/OCE regions mainly for the time-zone convenience but any region is welcome to join. We are also here to help New Lights and Returning Guardians. This is a fairly new clan so it will take time to build but hopefully you guys will stick around to see it grow! Main Languages will be English and Tagalog but mainly ENGLISH. Discord link: —------------------------------------------------------ Some of the Activities we will assist with are: PvE Content: Raid clears Dungeon clears GM Nightfalls Seasonal content on master difficulty Raid triumphs Dungeon triumphs —------------------------------------------------------ PvP Content Obviously: Competitive Trials of Osiris Iron Banner Gambit —------------------------------------------------------ All Guardians are welcome and in this community we do hope to be: Respectful Patient Non-Toxic Positive Vibes (Optimistic)



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